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Choose a Smarter Divorce

Divorce is never the intended end to a marriage when vows are exchanged but sometimes, unfortunately, couples drift apart. Mediation is quickly becoming the preferred resolution for divorcing couples.

What makes divorce mediation a smarter choice?

Our mediators are skilled divorce attorneys, now working exclusively in mediation

Our attorney-mediators have chosen mediation over litigation for one reason; it’s better. After years in the courtroom, our attorney-mediators have seen the dysfunction, corruption, and unjust outcomes of the divorce and family courts first-hand. Families who are already in stressful turmoil are forced through a process which costs a fortune, sometimes takes years, and creates further animosity between the parties.

Divorce lawyers typically lengthen the process in order to bill more and during that time create more anxiety with offensive strategies which are borderline unethical. Our attorney-mediators left that program in the interest of helping these families to continue to work together, even through separation, creating a less stressful, empowered and fair environment, the positive results of which are felt by the entire family. Our attorney-mediators also are able to draft all of your legal documents so that you do not have to hire an outside attorney, which takes all the risk out of having anything lost in translation.

Our mediators are not social workers, they are not therapeutic counselors; they are highly educated, highly experienced professionals who are there to help all members of the family accomplish a smarter divorce.

Family Mediation Puts Children Front and Center

Family Mediation is a smart alternative to family court in many ways. At Talk Mediation, modifications to visitation and custody orders are handled by attorney-mediators in a low stress environment through meaningful communication between two caring parents. We understand that in these situations, everyone wants what is best for the children and we make sure that each issue surrounding what is best for them is addressed and documented.

Children are not subjected to a long, drawn out battle in court, or child’s attorney investigations. Parents are not encouraged to attack one another but rather to try and work together to form a detailed plan for their children, their schedules and how they are to be raised in a way which both parents feel good about. Mediation with attorney-mediators is a smarter, better process than family court and resolves in weeks, not months or years.


Mediators Certified Under Part 146 of NYS Unified Court System's ADR Programs

While all of the mediators in every Talk Mediation Center are attorneys, and therefore qualified to handle divorces or any family issues in the legal sense, they are also all trained and certified in the same “Understanding Based” mediation method.

The advanced, intensive 40 hour mediation course, is completed by each mediator at Talk Mediation. The course was created by mediation pioneers Sequoia Stadler and Adam Berner, who have been developing methods and rules for Divorce and Family Mediation for over 30 years with the New York Center for Interpersonal Development and the NY and NJ courts. We have searched far and wide for a better certification for our mediators and have yet to find one which even comes close.

At Talk Mediation, not only will your attorney-mediator be well-versed in the law, but they will also be an expert in collaborative conflict resolution. A peaceful, amicable, legally sound resolution is most easily attained with our qualified attorney-mediators.



Your Attorney-Mediator Can Have Your Divorce Finished in Weeks, Not Years

A typical divorce, where both parties hire attorneys and deal with the perplexities of the court, is dragged out for a very long time. The longer a lawyer can have you as a client, the longer he can make money on your case.

Your attorney has no interest in settling your divorce quickly and amicably, whether it is possible or not. Instead, your lawyer will likely choose a much more argumentative approach, pinning you against your spouse and telling you that it is in your best interest. Your court appearances will be few and far between, literally months apart, and all the while your finances and property will be frozen (except for the money you’ll be paying your attorney). Your children will be in limbo and your tension and frustration levels will continue to climb, all to reach a conclusion which could have been reached in only weeks with an attorney-mediator at Talk Mediation.

Your divorce is given meaningful, experienced attention at Talk Mediation from licensed attorneys, ensuring a fair, low stress financially manageable and legally sound divorce in a time frame and setting that you and your spouse are comfortable with. Don’t let lawyers and court calendars control your life, schedule it on your time and meet when and where you want.




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