“My husband and I agreed to get a divorce.  We each spent over $10,000 on attorney fees, making almost no progress after months of aggravating formalities.  We decided to visit Eric at Talk Mediation.  After four, two-hour meetings, we resolved all of our issues collaboratively and learned how to best co-parent moving forward. I would recommend Talk Mediation to any couple considering a divorce.  Our attorneys only made matters worse for us and for our children and accomplished nothing.  Don’t waste your time and savings on what we learned is a broken system.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain using Talk Mediation to help you through it instead.”

Jennifer P

Victor, NY

Eric Blazak served as our Divorce Mediator for a period of several months. He promoted a collaborative and goal-oriented approach to reach agreements, while lending an ear to grievances. Eric coached us through each phase of what may have been a very long and expensive divorce by continually encouraging us to find common grounds for settlement.He acknowledged and guided us through emotional discussions, all in the spirit of obtaining a “win-win” separation agreement that flowed quickly through to a finalized divorce. Eric is ethical, knowledgeable, and efficient. I highly recommend Eric Blazak for divorce mediation.

Lisa S

Geneva, NY

“My wife and I heard about Talk Mediation from some friends of ours.  We weren’t sure about what mediation really was but when we found out Eric was an attorney, we thought it seemed safe enough to try.  We’re so glad we did.  The attorneys we called were going to cost a fortune and the time frame seemed out of control. We met with Eric and three months later we were “happily divorced”.  We’ve been divorced now for five months and are actually getting along better than ever.  We’re having an easy time raising the kids together and both feel as if we walked away from our marriage on solid terms, without breaking the bank.  Talk Mediation is a no-brainer.”

Justin T

Naples, NY


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Eric Blazak

Eric Blazak

Attorney Mediator & Owner of Talk Mediation