Why Talk Mediation – The Smarter Divorce

If you know anyone who has gotten a divorce, ask them how it went with their attorney. We’re willing to bet that they’ll tell you it took forever, it cost a fortune and, overall, it was a horrible experience. After all, your attorney has no interest in settling your divorce quickly or amicably. The process will be drawn out, while your finances will be frozen (except for the money you’ll be paying your attorney)—and while your frustration and tension levels continue to rise.

We believe there’s a better way; we believe that talk mediation is the path to a “smarter divorce.” At Talk Mediation Centers, your divorce is given meaningful attention by licensed attorney mediators who work to provide a legally sound and mutually agreeable divorce—in less time, for less money, and with far less animosity. Don’t let lawyers and court calendars control your life. Take control of it yourselves, at Talk Mediation.

The Mediation Process

Serving residents of Spencerport, NY and Brockport, NY, our attorney-mediators will help you learn how to communicate, how to plan and how to work together as a team to make decisions, reach agreements, and come to resolutions without the animosity. We’ll make sure there’s a lot to discuss, but little to fight about.

Most divorces can be completed in 3 to 5 sessions of 2 hours each. We schedule the meetings when it’s convenient for you, not when the court dictates. One the issues have been addressed and the decisions have been made, we’ll ensure that all the paperwork is complete, precise, and legally sound. Al in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

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Attorney-Mediators in our Spencerport Office

The mediators in our Spencerport/Brockport Talk Mediation Center are skilled attorneys, legally qualified to handle divorces and other family issues. They chose to leave the courtroom in favor of the mediation room because it is better, smarter, more financially responsible and—above all—more fair to everyone involved.

Our attorney-mediators are also experts in collaborative conflict resolution. Each has completed an intensive 40-hour course on mediation and been certified under Part 146 of The New York State Unified Court System’s Alternative Dispute Resolution programs.

Get a Free Divorce Mediation Consultation

Don’t do yourself, or your spouse and children, the disservice of hiring an attorney without talking to us first. Talk Mediation may spare you the emotionally and financially draining experience of a traditional courtroom divorce.

Get a free phone consultation with our Spencerport/Brockport office and see how we can help.

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